The Wilderness Canoe Association recently announced that they have acquired the website Canadian Canoe Routes from its founder Richard Munn. With 5600 registered users and over 200,000 posts, it is a massive resource canoeists living in or planning a trip to Canada. Over the years there were various threats of scrap the whole thing and shut it down due lack of time to effectively maintain the site. It didn't help things when you had some very vocal people complaining that things were running the way they would like it. The whole thing left some bad feelings on both side of the computer monitor. I often drop in and see what is new and keep tabs on the paddling gossip at the grassroots level. With the WCA taking over the entire project, it will ensure that this vast resource will be available for the public for many more years. With more moderators online now, it should help keep the conversations on topic a bit more.
Saturday, 06 October 2007

Snow Kayaking

With winter coming, a good part of North American paddlers are looking towards putting their boats away for the season. If you are looking to squeeze that little bit more out of paddling might want to consider snow kayaking. I'm sure that you have seen it before but this video that was recently posted is pretty outrageous. Here is the youtube description: Damon Gold, doing more of his famous stupid human tricks. this video was shot in 1991 but has been re-edited into this youtube tease. but you know this if you have been following my more recent stuff. Click on "read more" to view the video.
In response to popular demand, Mustang Survival today unveiled a limited edition vibrant pink Inflatable Personal Flotation Device (PFD) at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland. Combining the award winning Inflatable PFD with Hydrostatic Inflation Technology (HIT) and a flair for fashion this PFD will keep boaters safe and looking great on the water.
Thursday, 04 October 2007

A guided trip of unprecedented scale.

Over the years I have heard about different guiding companies trying to find new and interesting trips for their clients. They tinker with the location or the length of the trip, an if they are feeling adventuress, they might make it a push trip. Then I got my monthly newsletter from Naturally Superior Adventures. There has been a teaser note on their site for a while about "The Big One". Today they announced what it actually is and yes, it is big. Next summer (2008), they will be offering a giant 8-week guided trip of the entire Canadian Shoreline of Lake Superior. This trip is not for the faint of heart with a complete distance of 670km (416 miles). Since not everybody has 8 weeks of vacation time, they have broken up the trip into 8 sections allowing people to join in and paddle any part of the trip on week at a time. Total cost for the 8 weeks is $7560 Cdn. It will be very interesting to see if many people take the 8 week option. If you did, I would think it would be weird to get new paddling partners every week. More info: Naturally Superior Adventures Below is a map of the route so you can get some perspective on the massive size of this trip. View Larger Map
Google has just announced a really cool project called the International Clean-Up Weekend. They are encouraging people to organize a small group and tackle local parks, beaches, trails and other hot spots and clean them up. They don't care if it is a large or small project. The key to it is that at the end of the day, the area you tackle will be cleaner then before. The cool part of this project is that they are using the full power of their maps software. You can create a small map of the area you are going to clean-up and they will feature it on the International Clean-Up Weekend site. Not interested in organizing a group? No friends? Search through the global map and meet some new friends at the local project already organized in your area. Of course I have no friends so looking through the map, I discovered that there is not a single project taking place in Canada! Come on Canada, it's a pig sty out there, get organized and get your project posted. Kazakhstan has more projects than we do! If you are interested in organizing a project and can't think of a place to start, come by my house. I have a really dirty kitchen that you can get started with. More Info: International Clean-UP Weekend

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