Outdoor Retailer, the leading outdoor industry trade event, announced today that due to poor waterfront conditions at Willard Bay State Park, the 2007 Open Air Demo will relocate upstream to Pineview Reservoir near Ogden, Utah. The event dates, August 7-8, 2007, will remain the same.
Mion® Footwear, the brand of performance footwear for environmentally-engaged amphibious athletes, is sponsoring the Mion Speed Rolling Contest at Outdoor Retailer where kayakers can compete for cash prizes and a chance to be named kayak rolling champion.
At the Summer Market Open Air Demo in Salt Lake City next month Esquif Canoes will introduce two new open canoes to their already impressive line up; the Spanish Fly and the Prelude.
Thursday, 26 July 2007

A Quick Lesson in Advertising

If you are organizing an event or course and decide to post it on the calendar on our site, please, please make sure that you at least put your contact info or website on it so people will know where to find more info? Listing a kayaking course to take place everyday for the month of July is fine. But only listing the following info (posted below) is just wrong: SUMMER 2007 CLASSES Sunday Mornings July 8 August 5 What is this good for? Ugh, absolutely nothing! Say it again! So add your email or website and even better, make sure you put your location. We get visitors from all around the world on the site so it is important to know where it is taking place.
Lake Ontario Image courtesy of We decided it was time to take the plunge. This Saturday, Liz Burnside, Erik Ogaard, Sean and myself have decided to attempt to paddle across Lake Ontario. We are planning to leave from Toronto early Saturday morning, paddle south and land in Saint Catharines on the south side. The total length for the crossing is 49km, 30 miles, 27 nautical miles or 4,888,364 centimeters. It's a long way no matter how you look at it. Why do it? There are a couple of reasons, the tragic accident this winter of Andrew McAuley really hit us hard. We had been following very closely his attempt to cross the Tasman Sea. It's a huge crossing of 1600km. Large crossing have always been interesting but this was different, he showed that large crossings in a basically of-the-shelf kayak could be possible. When he passed away that fateful weekend, we decided to explore the idea of a sea kayak as a vessel for large crossings. We have been working slowly to build it up. We have done 4 crossings now of around 20 km. This is basically double the distance, but nothing we haven't done in a single day before. We will let you know how it turns out. For the weather geeks out there, we are expecting rain that day with possible winds out of the north, thus the north to south crossing. We have put absolutely no pressure on ourselves. If the wind is to strong or it doesn't feel right, the trip is off. No questions asked. If you are interested, here is the proposed route for  Google Earth. We are all pretty excited!

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