The new personal locator beacon (PLB) company, TracMe, announced today that the company will have a loan pool of Search-and-Rescue (SAR) Field Kits available to agencies for use and return to train them in the new radio-signal personal locator beacon technology.
After five years of product development, market research and outreach to more than 4,000 search and rescue (SAR) agencies and professionals, the TracMe Personal Locator Beacon is now available for outdoor adventurers as their 11th essential. Only $150 MSRP and 1.6 ounces, this lightweight and easy-to-use personal locator beacon uses the same Channel 1 FRS/GMRS frequency as more than 100 million trail radios currently in use in the United States.
NALGENE® Outdoor Products, the leading hydration container brand, is proud to announce that they have been chosen by American Benchmark Press, publishers of ICONS OF THE AMERICAN MARKETPLACE: Consumer Brand Excellence as one of America's most loved and respected brands. The book acknowledges brands that have come to resonate in the American consumer consciousness as the best in their category.
Wednesday, 08 August 2007

Namekagon River Arrests

Things are getting crazy on the Namekagon River in Wisconsin. In July 28, National Park Service Rangers coordinated a sweep looking for violations and in the 12 hour period they found quite a few. "The operation resulted in a felony arrest and one misdemeanor arrest, 20 violation notices, and 26 warning notices on federal and state charges, including felony battery, disorderly conduct, interference with law enforcement officers, underage possession of alcohol, allowing underage to consume alcohol, possession of marijuana, open container of alcohol in a vehicle, vehicle equipment violation, possession of fireworks, excessive speed, failure to use a seatbelt, failure to comply with traffic control devices, littering and various miscellaneous violations." [Link:]
Wednesday, 08 August 2007


I'm really excited because my new VHF radio arrived yesterday. Last week my Standard Horizon radio got water in it and shorted out. I promptly shipped it off to the repair facility only to discover that it isn't repairable this time. You see this was the second time in three years that the radio had leaked so I gave up and decided to switch over to ICOM. I decided to order the ICOM IC-M34. What a beauty. I was really excited that it was both submersible as well, it floats! It has got all the regular features you would expect from a handheld radio including a lithium ion battery and the AquaQuake draining function. The AquaQuake draining function emits a vibrating sound that clears water away from the speaker grill. Thanks so much to ICOM for getting it shipped out so quickly. Their support for professionals in the industry is greatly appreciated.

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