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Lesson Plans Added
Monday, 09 October 2006

I stated going through my hard drive and formatting my lesson plans for posting. I also started a new category for user manuals for paddling gear like GPS or VHF radios. They sometime come with interesting technical information that is interesting for gear geeks like myself.

Site traffic way up.
Wednesday, 04 October 2006

Well things have been busy around here. It seems that the press release I posted about Lendal paddles being bought out has caused quite a stir. Looking at the stats program that runs on my server, we have just about had as much traffic so far this month as we did all last month and it is only Oct 5th! Interesting...

Call for Help!
Sunday, 01 October 2006

It has been a busy evening of finally uploading the different resources that I have been collecting over the past week. I have been collecting documents specifically on the environment and low impact camping. One of the really interesting ones was a paper titled, "Disturbance of Natural Vegetation by Camping: Experimental Applications of Low-Level Stress". It studies 4 different campsites for one night that were previously undisturbed. After going back one year later, they still saw traces that somebody had camped there before. Very interesting... On another note, I was recently a guest on the TechTV show, "Call for Help". They wanted me to come in and talk about the latest and the greatest camping gadgets. Not a big deal but it was kind of fun to yack about stuff.

Techno Kayakin'
Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Special thanks to Sean for providing the PowerPoint presentation that he used for a recent presentation he made at the Georigan Bay Kayak Symposium. He was speaking on technology and it’s place in kayaking. Some of the topics included are: VHF radios, Satellite phones, EPIRBs and making your own weather station. Download the presentation here.  

Water will be getting colder...
Monday, 11 September 2006

Thanks to Derrick Mayoleth of for providing some really valuable resources. We just uploaded two really good resources on hypothermia. One of them is a really interesting chart showing the time it would take for somebody floating in water to lose dexterity and consciousness and survival. We also added two really cool resources. One is a great article on what to look for when you purchase a new boat and the other is on kayak nomenclature.
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