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Paddling Calendar of Events Now Working
Thursday, 10 September 2009

Over the past week, I have been receiving reports that people were experiencing problems adding events to the calendar. Sorry about that.I just upgraded the calendar and gave it a through testing. It’s now ready to take your paddling or outdoor related events so bring them on!If you want to add your event, you need need to logged first.Browse the paddling calender here.

On Vacation!
Monday, 13 April 2009

Just a quick note that I'm on vacation for the next week so things will be really slow until I get back. Actually, I'm a couple of days into my vacation already and I forgot to post a note to let you know I'm away until now.If you are keen to follow a goofy family on a road trip to Myrtle Beach, you are welcome to follow my twitter feed at
We rolled out a couple of new updates to the comments section at the end of articles which we think you will really like.You can now add video comments rather then working your fingers. It's in partnership with Seemic. You can very quickly set-up an account (without needing to leave our page) then record a quick message via your web cam. It will be fun to see what people who read my page actually look like! In my head, you are all old with grey beards and goofy tilly hat. Prove me wrong people!
I will admit it; I'm addicted to Google Reader. For news junkies (me), using RSS subscriptions with through Reader is a more efficient way to get the latest news and content from blogs that I enjoy. It sure beats randomly surfing around looking for new things to read.For those who have idea what an RSS feed is or haven't used Google Reader before, here is a great little video here explaining everything in plain English. A great little feature in Google Reader is the article sharing feature which allows you to share content with friends super easy. I decided to take that one step further and add a little widget box on the main page of the paddling instructor site and share links that I pick up along the way. If course there will plenty of outdoor related content but I'm also a big computer geek who is a fan of music, technology and pop culture so no doubt stuff like that will sneak in.The main advantage about this is that I will be able to highlight articles that I think are interesting or important but don't have time to actually post an article about.Finally, once you get on board with Reader, don't forget to subscribe to the PaddlingInstructor feed and stay current of what's going on outside.
I'm on the hunt for somebody who is a good access database designer. I have an idea for a mini project and I'm looking for somebody who is willing to help me out with it.I don't want to give too much away here now but it is a database to help instructors manage students and courses. Opps to much said already... Oh well...It's a volunteer project with no budget. I have a basic idea of Access but need some help putting the pieces together.I am committed to releasing anything developed back to the instructor community for free when completed. Hence the reason for no budget.Anyways, contact me if you are able to help me out with this and I can give some more details.

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