Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Aquapac Unveils Waterproof iPad Case

Aquapac has just announced a 100%-waterproof case for the iPad. It’s got a couple of appealing features compared to other waterproof cases on the market including the large twist and clamp opening. When the three camps are closed you know that there is a 100%-waterproof seal. The other thing that looks very appealing is the 3.5mm nickel-plated earphone socket that allows you to watch movies yet keep the waterproof integrity of the bag intact. The MSRP is around $60 US.
Single handily, the worst part of kayaking is actually carrying the thing. To help make it easier, Brian Evans developed a clip-on device that allows you to balance the kayak on your shoulders. “We based the Carry Yak design on the simple truth that balance can be found in heavy objects to lighten any weight,” Evans said. “Distributing the kayak weight makes it easier to carry.” Developed and manufactured in Nova Scotia, the kayak carrier is made of stainless steel, plastic with foam shoulder pads, can now be ordered online at for $147. It isn’t currently in stores yet but they hope to get that sorted out in the very near future. Thanks Rob for the tip.
You can get your VW Camper Van Tent from for £299.99 and comes in Yellow, Red or Blue. Sadly you can’t get it to look like the Mystery Machine. Now we just need somebody to develop a Back to the Future Delorean tent and we will be all set.
Any inventor with an awesome idea will tell you how difficult it is to take it from prototype to store shelves. In many cases an awesome idea never gets off the ground because they just can’t find the cash. Finding that cash has always been difficult but getting easier. In the past year or so, Kickstarter has become the largest funding website for creative projects or inventions. Here is how it works. You are looking for funding for your project, invention, art piece or documentary. On Kickstarter you create a page to sell your idea and people pledge. If the idea meets the fundraising goal then credit cards gets charged and everybody is happy. You get the funding and project backers get a piece of the action depending on their pledge level. Browsing through the site, here are a couple of cool outdoor related projects currently looking for funding or were recently successful:
Werner Paddles just announced their new SUP racing paddle line called the Grand Prix which will come with three blade shapes in both straight and bent shaft (12 degree bend) designs. The straight shaft weighs in at an unbelievable 15.5 ounces and of course that light weight comes at a price. The MSRP is $389 for the straight shaft while the bent is going to be approximately $465. Look for it at your local paddling shop mid-March. More info:

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