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Anti-drug people talk about gateway drugs. You know, basic drugs (like Popeye candy sticks) that eventually lead you into the darker world of hard drugs (like Swedish Berries).I’m completely convinced that kayaks is another tool of the devil to get you in trouble. Don’t believe me? Prepare to have your mind opened and blown.Example one: A Michigan man was sentenced this week to two years in jail, 3 years probation and ordered to pay 56,000 in restitution after he was caught faking his death. How you ask? He decided to throw a his kayak, lifejacket and paddle in lake Michigan in hopes that he would be declared lost at sea.After the Coast Guard searched for several hours, he was caught when he decided to return the messages that were left on his cell phone.Example two: A month ago Lou Zimmer (kudos to his Mom for the great name) pleased guilty in Kingston, Ontario to creating a public disturbance by being intoxicated.He got himself in trouble when he decided to go out kayaking one afternoon last spring. He remembered his booze but forgot his clothes.He had the best excuse as to why he was paddling naked that day. Zimmer said, “I have psoriasis, a troublesome skin condition. The sun helps."I bet it does.So what’s the common thread amongst this massive list of hard core criminals? Yep, kayaks are clearly the Swedish Berries of the world.Remember kids, stay away from your kayak because if you dance with the devil you are bound to fake your death or at least be compelled to take off your clothes and worship the sun. Don't cry that I never warned you.Flickr Photo Credit: Étienne Ljóni Poisson
Long distance kayaker, Andy Corra has officially been certified by Guinness as the official record holder for the longest distance in a canoe or kayak in a 24 hour period.Back on June Andy started in Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada and paddled 434.06 km (269.71 mi) before taking a break twenty four hours later.The former record was 261 miles.Photo Credits: Andy CorraMore info:
The Great Lakes were hard this week by wind. By wind, I mean windy wind. So much wind that the NOAA actually named the storm The North American Extratropical Cyclone of October 26-27, 2010.Lake Superior got hit the hardest. Friend of the site, Bryan Hansel from has been documenting the destruction and awesomeness in Grand Marais, MN so check his flickr page full coverage.Bryan also tweeted yesterday the following:  “The Rock of Ages observation on Isle Royale, MI recorded a sustained 68 mph wind with gusts to 78 mph.”With all that wind, how high were the waves you ask? Well, a buoy on Lake Superior was measuring waves at over 5.7 meters high. For you Americans, that’s 18.7 feet! Remember, that’s freshwater and not the ocean. Let it never be said that the Great Lakes are nothing like the ocean.So what happened? The short story is that a low pressure system formed but kept getting deeper and deeper and turned into a very rare overland cyclone. If you are interested in the science of the weather system, the NOAA website for Duluth, MN has a great summary of the whole thing. According to the web page they set a record pressure low of 955.2 millibars for Minnesota. My guess is that all the senior homes in the area were filled with people with painful knee joints for the past couple of days…Lake Ontario was on the outer fringes of the weather system so we didn’t have the same high wind or waves compared to Lake Superior but they were big enough for sure! Wind waves larger then 6ft are just too scary for me.Here in Toronto we couldn’t pass up on such a good opportunity to get out and play so yesterday I went to work early and also worked over lunch so I could duck out early before closing time.My paddling partner Erik and I headed out from the Toronto Harbour to the Western Gap and fooled around there. The Western Gap is a great training ground in rough water as the water bounces around and quickly…
Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Werner Paddle Poetry [Fridge Magnets]

At the Georgian Bay Storm Gathering a couple of weekends ago, Werner Paddles rep, Mark Scriver had a bunch of fridge poetry magnet kits specifically for Werner Paddles he was handing out. It has lots of good paddling terms but not enough prepositions so it’s a little tricky for anything longer than haiku sentences.My wife came up with the gem above. If you can't read it you can click on the image for a larger version of it. According to my kids, its Jonas Brothers approved. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
While this will unlikely never become standard rescue gear for paddlers, The LONGREACH Buoyancy Deployment System is a bazooka type tool that enables a "rapid conveyance of temporary, water-activated buoyancy devices to a drowning victim’s location."

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