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Our judges met and deliberated for 37 hours and verdict is finally in for the winners of the PaddlingInstructor/Folbot, “Design a Cool Folbot” contest. Below are the winners of some pretty hip Folbot swag. The first place winner also gets a waterproof electronics case provided thrown in by myself. Special thanks to everybody who entered. First Place - Mike Antor Second Place - Cheryl Casey Honourable Mention – Martin Smith

Log Mistaken for Capsized Kayak
Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Several rescue crews were assembled at the shores of the Kennebec River in Maine this week after several people reported seeing a capsized kayak with a person clinging to it.The kayak turned out to be a debarked log floating in the water.More info: kjonline.comFlickr Photo Credit: svacher
I have a feeling that Jared Lock won’t be employee of the month for quite some time as he was recently charged with the theft of over $27,960 from the small outdoor shop he was working at in New Zealand.Items taken included skis, ski boots, tents, camping gear, chilli bins, backpacks, a kayak and Icebreaker brand merino clothing.The police searched Lock's house on November 13 and found a number of stolen items, including 20 stolen tents – eight of these were considered faulty and he had agreed to throw them away for the store.Among other located items were skis, chilly bins, gas cookers and 12 items of clothing. Lock admitted stealing the goods, saying he needed the cash because he was in financial strife, and he used the money he got from the stolen items to pay for his vehicle and lifestyle.You can read the full story here with the elaborate plan for selling the stuff off via online auctions.Needless to say the judge wasn’t too happy with him and remanded Lock until January 19th for sentencing.
A friend of mine pointed out that there is a profile of me on the Canoe & Kayak Magazine website. It’s a reprint from their beginner’s guide that was published back in Spring 2010 but it’s nice that they also published it on the website.My friend Jovan Matic who does amazing portrait and wedding photography took the photo. Make sure you check out both of his sites as it's very good work.
The National Maritime Museum has revealed the discovery of what some are saying might be the oldest canoe in the world.The birch bark canoe was discovered in a barn on a family estate where it has been sitting for over 230 years. Yes, 230 years.It was originally brought to Britain from Canada by Lt. John Enys after he fought in the American War of Independence in 1776 and has remained on the family estate ever since.The plan is to restore damaged portions of the canoe then put it on display at the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall from late January to September 2011 where it will then be repatriated back to Canada for further research.The article doesn’t say where the canoe will be going but my guess is that it will end up at the Canadian Canoe Museum as they have a strong research and education department on staff.Andy Wyke, boat collections manager at the museum said, ''Lt Enys sailed from Falmouth in a packet ship to join his regiment in Canada to relieve the city of Quebec, which was under siege from the Americans. He fought many military campaigns and toured the area for his personal interest – discovering this canoe along the way.''It's incredible to think its legacy has been resting in a barn in Cornwall all this time."More information: credit:

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