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Monday, 06 September 2010 23:02

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Update: Just found out that this is Ray from Naturally Superior Adventures in Wawa coming back from a trip so yes, this is a fully loaded boat.

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Playing around after a rescue clinic. Photo Credit: David Johnston

Here are a couple photos from a trip last week up to Lake Superior last week. I had the pleasure of being invited to teach a Paddle Canada Level 2 sea kayaking course at Naturally Superior Adventures with my co-instructor; the very funny and hugely talented Rev. Bonnie Perry. Long-time readers will remember a piece I wrote a year ago when she was nominated to be the Bishop of Minnesota.

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Fall Paddling Events in Ontario

Wednesday, 18 August 2010 16:55

Summer is more than half over and it’s sadly time to start thinking about fall paddling events. Here in Ontario there are several events that are shaping up to be really rock solid and worth checking out.

Greenland Style Symposium – August 26-29
Skinny stick paddlers will want to make note that the Greenland Style Symposium that takes place in Wawa, Ontario is coming up very fast. It’s an awesome weekend of low key learning and general fooling around.

They have a great line-up presenters (if I do say so myself). The gang going to be there includes Bonnie Perry, Doug Van Doren, Keith Wikle and myself as the general paddle and water carrier.

If you don’t already own your own Greenland paddle, don’t worry. Registration includes use of their paddlers. This is a good way to try out various designs and sizes before you buy or make your own.

For those who want to get more bang for their long drive, come up early and participate in their joint Paddle Canada level 2 and BCU 3* course that starts August 22 and runs right up to the starts of the Symposium.

More info:

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The Wawa Wabcam is making me jealous!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008 16:23
Wawa Webcam
I dropped in to take a peek at the Wawa Webcam today and I saw a lot of surf this afternoon. It is really rippin’ it up and I wish that I was there; rather then here at my desk.

This past Sunday we discovered first hand that just because they say it is a Lake Ontario small craft wind warning on the internet, doesn’t mean that the wind is actually blowing. We rushed down to the water with boats in hand only to discover 1 foot waves. Ugh.

To make life a little bit more challenging, we practiced reverse surfing with our eyes closed. I would much rather have been out in what Naturally Superior Adventures is getting right now.

More info: Wawa Webcam
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Sue catching a wave. Photo Credit: Keith WikleThe Naturally Superior Greenland Style Symposium took place last weekend and by all accounts, it was another huge success.
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Lovers of Greenland style paddling unite!

Approaching next month will be the third annual Greenland Style Kayak Symposium taking place at Naturally Superior Adventures in Wawa, Ontario. The get-up takes place on August 21-24...
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Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show Update

Sunday, 24 February 2008 18:17
Erik Ogaard, Dave Wells, Sean, Dave Corrigan

The photo above from left to right: Erik Ogaard, Dave Wells from Naturally Superior Adventures, Sean and Dave Corrigan from Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre.

Just got back from the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show with mixed impressions. It's like many other outdoor adventure shows with a mix of outdoor stores, guiding companies, SCUBA companies and adventure travel companies hawking their wears.

I always seem to walk out with a medium view of it. I go to this event interested in seeing what's new and what is going to be coming out for the 2008 season. That never happens as booths really only bring a small amount of trinkets that will likely sell to the impulse shopper. Everybody and their brother seemed to have a great selection of Otter Cases and low-end PFD's though!

The pool had a nice selection of canoe and kayak demonstrations including Greenland rolling and basic canoe strokes.

I have done the pool demo thing in the past and listening to them from the dry floor, I'm reminded again that when we present demo's to the general public, we really need to leave the paddling lexicon at the door. When you are mentioning the word chine, you have gone into territory that is WAY beyond the demo pool session.

Also, keep your explanations really simple.  You are talking to people who most likely have never been in a canoe/kayak before so you don't need explain the scientific design behind your carbon-fiber bent shaft canoe paddle. They just want to watch you spin around like little ducks. After watching you they can get inspired and sign-up for a course. Then you can talk about your fancy new paddle all day...
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Lake Superior Cam at Lake Superior Cam at

Naturally Superior Adventures along with the town of Wawa, Ontario have unveiled the Wawa Webcam.

On the site you will find a live camera feed of their famous giant goose. Not sure why you would need a live feed of a giant goose statue but at least the camera will provide some entertainment for the local hoodlums youths who want to get their illegal humorous activities documented.

The real gem of the site is the camera feed from the mouth of the Michipicoten River and the home of Naturally Superior Adventures. The location is famous for its giant surf when the wind is blowing against the current.

Right now camera updates the site once an hour due to satellite bandwidth issues but for those who want to see what has been happening, you can view a loop of the last 10 hours of shots.

Back in mid August, Dave (owner of NSA) approached me with the idea and I thought it would be a fantastic resource. I helped out with some technical programming issues around the site. I'm very excited to finally see the site go live.

Oh yes, these are the same outfitters who are planning "The Big One". It is an 8 week guided trip that covered the entire Canadian North Shore of Lake Superior in one summer. You can do it all at once it split it up over 8 smaller 1 week trips. Talking to Dave, there is already one person signed up for the entire trip.

You can read more about "The Big One" here.

Where is the camera located? Here is the location via Google Maps

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A guided trip of unprecedented scale.

Thursday, 04 October 2007 16:45
Naturally Superior Adventures Logo Over the years I have heard about different guiding companies trying to find new and interesting trips for their clients. They tinker with the location or the length of the trip, an if they are feeling adventuress, they might make it a push trip.

Then I got my monthly newsletter from Naturally Superior Adventures. There has been a teaser note on their site for a while about "The Big One". Today they announced what it actually is and yes, it is big.

Next summer (2008), they will be offering a giant 8-week guided trip of the entire Canadian Shoreline of Lake Superior. This trip is not for the faint of heart with a complete distance of 670km (416 miles).

Since not everybody has 8 weeks of vacation time, they have broken up the trip into 8 sections allowing people to join in and paddle any part of the trip on week at a time.

Total cost for the 8 weeks is $7560 Cdn.

It will be very interesting to see if many people take the 8 week option. If you did, I would think it would be weird to get new paddling partners every week.

More info: Naturally Superior Adventures

Below is a map of the route so you can get some perspective on the massive size of this trip.

View Larger Map
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A Musical Journey by Voyageur Canoe

Thursday, 19 July 2007 18:33
Join Canadian folk musician Ian Tamblyn and 11 other paddlers as you travel along the Lake Superior Coast from Rossport to the Red Rock Folk Festival.

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