The Coolest Thing I saw at the Outdoor Adventure Show this Weekend

Monday, 27 February 2012

This past weekend was able to get out to the annual Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show.

While I mainly go visit friends from around Ontario who I haven’t seen since warmer weather I also like to take a quick pass up and down the rows at the show to see what’s up. For me, it doesn’t take long to make the rounds once all the travel booths are knocked out (which is about ½ the show) and all the booths hocking shoe polish and better rags to clean your glasses (no streaks!). I will admit I did get distracted by the booth selling one-piece micro fleece outfits. I don’t know what they were thinking as they were more like a form fitting snuggie then anything else.

Northern Sound Canoes

Heading down one row I was stopped in my tracks when I came upon a small booth by a canoe company I had never heard of before called Northern Sound. They are a new manufacturing company from the UK who make Birch Canoes that are absolutely the most beautiful things I have seen in a very, very long time.

Northern Sound Canoes

Northern Sound aims to replicate the feel of birchbark canoes using both traditional materials and historical designs. Since birchbark is extremely limited in supply, the hulls are made from laminated Birch while the gunwals, ribs and thwarts are all made from Cedar. Keeping everything together are lashings made from Willow and Spruce root. The pitch they add to the hull to seal up the cracks has been formulated to still be soft yet not dry out and shrink like regular tar does.

Northern Sound Canoe Bow

Northern Sound Canoes full booth.

The prices for these boats are not cheap. What you are paying for a custom built, handmade boat that is pretty much a work of art on the water so depending on the model, they range from about $2500 up to about $5400 Canadian.

Northern Sound Canoe Bow

Talking to company president Roberto Corradi, I found out that they would like to expand into North America so they shipped the boats over from the UK to try to work out some manufacturing/distribution deals. I really hope that they are successful I would love to them out on the water on this side of the pond.

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David Johnston

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