American Canoe Association LogoWant to work for the American Canoe Association? If so, then you are in luck as they just posted the plumb job of Safety Education & Instruction Coordinator.

According to the job description, the Safety Education & Instruction Coordinator position has "primary oversight of the day to day management of the National Paddlesports Instruction Program. This includes working with other staff, individual instructors, the general public, and the appropriate committees and councils of the ACA. The SEI Coordinator must work with a high level of diligence and courtesy while enforcing a national paddlesports standard."

They are hoping to fill the job quickly so if it’s something you might be interested in and you are happy to relocate to Fredericksburg, VA then email the Chief Operating Officer, and he can send you all the information. Handy tip; the email I received said not to call looking for job details so that means email only. Though, that doesn't rule out fax conversations...

If you enjoy watching big ships on the water you might also be interested in watching and following their route while sitting in your gloomy, broom storage size, windowless office at work. integrates Google maps with the live transponder data aboard large commercial vessels. With a couple clicks of the mouse you can zoom in and see what ship you are staring at and learn all about it including name, country of origin and what it carries. Many of the ships also have photos listed that have been uploaded by visitors of the site. A great feature is that you can also track the last 24-48h of where the ship has been.

Stuck ship in the St. Lawrence Seaway. Photo Credit:

Today on CBC I learned that there is a ship blocking the St. Lawrence Seaway in Montreal. I guess it got sideways and is blocking the entire canal from side to side. Just checked and yep, it’s still blocking everything. Below is capture. You can view the live view here. Looks like the tugboats are on their way.

Gerber Gator® Combo Axe

Gerber LogoDo you own this axe? If you do you should know that Gerber has announced a recall of it because the knife was slipping out of the handle and lacerating people while in use. So far five people have required stitches.

If you currently have one, Gerber says to remove the knife from the axe handle then contact Gerber to receive a free handle cap, which will hold the knife in the axe handle during transport and storage.

Maybe I’m just not in touch with my inner lumberjack but I don’t see the improvement of a slip out knife in the handle over a standard axe. I must be missing something there.

Gerber Legendary Blades can be reached at (877) 314-9130 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday. For more info visit

Been to before? If not then you will discover a huge market of people selling crafty or vintage items. Think of it as a classier version of eBay minus the auction feature. More overpriced stuff but not near as much junk.

Hunting around on recently I came upon this cool vintage canoeing manual from 1969 published the American Red Cross. According to the description it, “includes history, instruction, maintenance and rescue info on canoeing.”

American Red Cross Canoe Book

Spot LogoSpot LLC, a leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technology, has partnered with Backpacker Magazine’s 11th annual Get Out More Tour, a national event designed to inspire others to live healthy, active lifestyles outside.  For the third consecutive year, integrated SPOT satellite technology allows retailers, sponsors and fans to follow the tour online from town to town.  The tour kicks-off on April 7 in Raleigh North Carolina and runs through December 8, 2011.

The Get Out More Tour, led by outdoor experts Sheri and Randy Propster, will make over 60 stops at outdoor specialty retailers and festivals across the country.  At each stop the Get Out More road team hosts an interactive 75 minute seminar where the audience can check out the latest outdoor products like SPOT Connect, a new device that enables some of today’s leading smartphones to send messages via satellite. Additionally, attendees can learn important skills from the Backpacker experts and have a chance to win exciting outdoor prizes.

MTI Adventurewear LogoAfter managing MTI Adventurewear for the Takashina family for nearly a decade, paddlesport industry veterans Lili and Gordon Colby purchased the company from them in February. “Signing the final paperwork just after Valentine’s Day was so appropriate for us” explained Lili Colby, head of MTI sales and marketing. “Our relationship as a couple and as business partners has always been intertwined.” Gordon and Lili met almost 20 years ago while working for Mad River Canoe in Waitsfield, Vermont, where Gordon was brand manager for Voyageur (forerunner of Harmony Accessories). When the company merged with Wilderness Systems to become Confluence Watersports, the couple moved to North Carolina with their newborn son, where Gordon became brand manager of Mad River Canoe and Lili managed the Confluence customer service department. The opportunity to run MTI for the Takashina family brought them back home to New England in 2002, with Gordon as its President and product manager, and Lili overseeing sales, customer service, and marketing.

Confluence LogoConfluence Watersports has expanded its sales team as part of an organizational restructuring of the sales division. Building on the success of the regional field representatives, the reorganization was designed to further drive sales at specialty through a combination of increased technical support, enhanced customer service, new key account personnel, and a dedicated e-commerce manager.

Jackson Kayak LogoJust in time for the competition season, Jackson Kayak introduces a carbon/Kevlar version of its new generation freestyle playboat, the Rock Star. Jackson Kayak founder and president Eric “EJ” Jackson compared the new carbon/Kevlar edition of the fast-selling new freestyle playboat to a high-performance automobile brand. “The plastic Rock Star series will be the Porsche of its class; carbon/Kevlar takes it to Formula 1 performance levels,” Jackson said. “Expect to see even more “Huge” bonuses when the carbon/Kevlar is in play.” “Imagine putting a 10-pound weight into your kayak and going playboating, then take it out. This is what every paddler will feel immediately,” Jackson said. “The ease of initiating moves is noticeable the first time you try it due to less swing weight. The rigid hull stays true to the design in any situation and shines on big waves for massive take-offs.”

Jackson touted the new 9.5 Kg Carbon Rock Star as an engineering masterpiece, using carbon, Kevlar, foam core, advanced techniques and top-notch craftsmanship to construct each part. “The seams are well done on both the inside and outside and the cockpit rim is a piece of art in itself,” Jackson said. The outfitting of the carbon Rock Star feels just like a plastic Rock Star, including the Sure-lock backband system, Happy Feet and hip pads. The seat is made with a three-inch thick mini-cell foam and foam wedges that are glued in place to custom fit each paddler. Sweet Cheeks 200 goes on top of that to create a bucket seat that is unrivaled in comfort and control while being super lightweight.

Kokatat LogoKokatat is proud to sponsor Sara Outen’s “London 2 London: Via the World” expedition. Departing from London on April 1st 2011, Outen will circumnavigate the globe using only human-powered transportation.

At 24-years old, Outen was the first woman, and youngest person ever, to row solo across the Indian Ocean. The “London 2 London” expedition is a significantly larger undertaking. She will cover 20,000-miles, across two oceans and three continents. Her only forms of transportation will be a specialized rowing boat, a bike and a kayak.

Though Outen will be the only person to complete the round-the-world journey in its entirety, Justine Curgenven - award winning adventure filmmaker and expedition sea kayaker, will join her for several of the kayaking legs. These two Kokatat-sponsored athletes continue to challenge the limits of the human psyche and of physical expectations.

Kokatat will provide:

Outen expects to finish her adventure in the London, in the fall of 2013. Follow her progress on her personal blog and at the Kokatat blog.

Alan D. teaching rolling. Photo Credit: Kamil Bialous

I love this photo of Instructor Alan D. working with Roger B. to get his roll at the MEC Toronto Paddlefest last year. It’s a great example of how it feels to work with student when they finally make the breakthrough.

Photo Credit: Kamil Bialous

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