Friday, 26 October 2007 19:44

Sea Kayak Surf Launch Instructional Video

This video gives instruction on launching a sea kayak through the surf zone. Presented by Mitch Mitchell of Coastal Kayak,

Friday, 26 October 2007 17:42

A Conversation with Derek Hutchinson

An interview with international sea kayak authority Derek Hutchinson at the 2007 West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium demo beach: he shares his thoughts on the BCU, kayak and paddle design, Greenland Style, paddling in England, and the origin of modern sea kayaking. Kayak designer Matt Broze of Mariner Kayaks also makes an appearance.


Friday, 26 October 2007 17:38

A Conversation with Derek Hutchinson Video

Derek HutchinsonDash Point Pirate recently released this interview with renowned paddler, designer and instructor, Derek Hutchinson.

Filmed at the 2007 West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium, Hutchinson talks about the BCU, kayak and paddle design, paddling in England and modern sea kayaking. It is a very interesting interview to watch.

My first thought is that he sounds like an arrogant, bitter old man who is upset at the state of paddling today. There is a minor rant about the BCU as well as comments about how paddling in the UK is better than everywhere else in the world.

Oh, yes apparently there is no need for asymmetric spoon blade paddles and everybody should still be paddling with a 90 degree feather.

Watch for Kayak designer Matt Broze of Mariner Kayaks to make a funny appearance where he challenges Hutchinson's claim to fame of being the first person to put hatches in a glass boat. It's fantastic.

Below are two articles where Matt is getting some of his history facts if you want to do some of your own research.

Folding Boat History and the Modern History of Kayaking

The early years - A history of the North American sea kayak industry

Please don't get me wrong, I understand and acknowledge that he has made tremendous advancements to the sport of sea kayaking through the years and a lot of people seem to worship the ground he walks on but watching this interview was very interesting.

To view the video, click the "Read More" link.
Thursday, 25 October 2007 18:47

Kayak World Cup on Snow Video

I just found this fantastic video. Not sure where it took place. It is a downhill race with gates and jumps. The only thing is that instead of people sliding on little planks of wood, they are sitting in whitewater kayaks.

They could have knocked out the first half and just left in the carnage at the end.

Sign me up, I would love to give it a go.

To view the video, click the "Read More" link.
Thursday, 25 October 2007 12:36

The one knife to rule them all

Giant Swiss Army Knife Wenger (Maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife) has just released the worlds largest Swiss Army Knife. It has 85 tools and can be used in over 100 functions.

Yes, it is huge, weighing in at almost 3 pounds, it is perfect for those who want to get in a, "you call that a knife?" fight. One commentator said it would also be good as a mace when you open all the tools up.

Price: $999.

More info: [Via:]
Thursday, 25 October 2007 12:25

WWF-Canada: A Superior Day for Canada

WWF LogoToday, WWF-Canada extended the full international support of the WWF global network to the governments of Canada and Ontario for signing an agreement to establish the largest freshwater reserve in the world. One million hectares of western Lake Superior will become Canada's first National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA).
Thursday, 25 October 2007 10:21

Smith Optics and REI Introduce "Rx In a Box"

REI LogoSmith Optics LogoThis fall, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) and Smith Optics will join forces to bring Smith's premium Rx sunglass services to REI customers. The new offering, dubbed Rx in a Box, will provide a convenient, in-store alternative for both near- and far-sighted customers shopping for corrective sunglasses designed for use in outdoor pursuits.
Shark found on N. coast (photo Tiffany Boothe, Seaside Aquarium) A series of storms last week has causes a pile of rare and wild stuff to wash up on Oregon coast beaches.

Beachcombers have found everything from cute little critters like sharks to ugly gooey things like jellyfish.

Tiffany Boothe of the Seaside Aquarium in Oregon made a very rare find when they found a long-beaked common dolphin. They said the staff have never seen one wash up before.

More info:
The protected area includes 10,000 square kilometres of water. Just posted on, Prime Minister, Stephen Harper is going to announce on Thursday (Oct 25) the creation of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area.

It will extend from roughly 140 km east of Thunder Bay and extend like a triangle out into the middle of the lake encompassing about 10,000 square kilometres.

It has taken 10 years of planning to get everything in order to designate the safe area.

The great thing about the designation is that it will protect the area from mining, oil and gas development.

More info:

Wednesday, 24 October 2007 18:55

Fantastic Ender Photo

Kayak Ender - Photo by Richard Cree Richard Cree took the photo and Douglas Wilcox put it all together.

Sadly we are all missing out on the Stornoway Storm Gathering taking place right now. It brought in some really fantastic 5 foot swells.

Click on the photo on the right to zoom in.

The best part of this photo is that he sets up for his roll in mid air.

For those that are interested, here is link to all the photos posted by Douglas from the Stornoway Storm Gathering.

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