Monday, 20 August 2007 18:17

Werner Paddle Problem

Werner Ikelos Paddle

I called Werner Paddles today as have been having problems with my Ikelos Paddle. Over the past couple of months the Ferrule has been getting loose and it is really starting to wiggle. Not sure why. When I adjust it to a different angle, it tightens back up again.

I called them today and got a Return Authorization number to send it back. Werner said that it is likely under warranty but they would need to see the paddle before making the final call.

I'm in a bit of a bind as I need the paddle for Labour day weekend in two weeks as I'm teaching a Paddle Canada Level 2 course in Georgian Bay.

The paddle currently isn't working great as it is so I'm going to take the chance and courier it out tomorrow. Werner said they were going to make it a priority to get it back out the door for me.

I will let you know how it turns out.

BTW - I absolutely love the paddle. I went short and bought the 210cm bent small shaft. Take one for a test drive if you are able to, you won't want to come back to shore.

MSR LogoMSR (Mountain Safety Research), the Seattle-based brand of proven backcountry gear for demanding users is introducing two new Fast & Light® Series water filters featuring Hollow Fiber Membrane technology. The HyperFlowTM MicroFilter debuts as the lightest, smallest, fastest-pumping filter available, while the new AutoFlowTM Gravity Filter takes the super-light technology to another level with pump-free, high-flow filtration.
Sunday, 19 August 2007 19:28

MSR® Brand Pitches New Tent Concepts

MSR LogoMSR (Mountain Safety Research), the Seattle-based brand of proven backcountry gear for demanding users, is expanding its 2008 MSR® tent line to build on its award-winning standard of the ultimate livability and lightweight combination.
Friday, 17 August 2007 17:51

Justin Timberlake Rescues Two Boys

Sweet JustinAfter catching up on my latest celebrity gossip, I found this little clip and couldn't resist posting. Celebrities are soooo much better then we are...

Justin Timberlake, chilling aboard a pal's yacht anchored in Marina del Rey bay, watched idly as two preteen boys paddling in a kayak suddenly stood up, began a mock sword fight using their paddles - and instantly capsized their craft, spilling into the drink!

When neither boy surfaced right away,Timberlake - in shorts and a shirt - quickly dove over the side and swam about 200 feet to where the youngsters had finally popped up. Visibly frightened, the boys were trying to right the unstable kayak - and retrieve the life jackets they should have been wearing. Justin ordered them to hold onto him, righting the kayak just as the kids' father came scooting up on a Sea-Doo.
Platypus LogoPlatypus, the Seattle-based brand of flexible, modular hydration products for active pursuits has overhauled its entire line of product offerings for 2008. Significant durability, usability and modularity improvements have been made with a variety of new materials and designs. Platypus is also adding water filtration to the mix with the introduction of the CleanStreamTM Gravity Filter System.
Thermarest Logo New Comfort Systems Provide Versatile and Lightweight Sleep Options.
Outside Blog posted today information about the death Pete Absolon, Rocky Mountain regional director of the National Outdoor Leadership School who died last weekend.

He was climbing when he was accidentally hit in the head with a rock and instantly killed.

The investigation and police report said that an unnamed 23-year-old Wyoming man accidentally killed Pete Absolon, last weekend when he threw a 15- to 20-pound rock over the side of the 700-foot cliff.

Absolon began working at the school as an instructor in 1990. He is survived by his wife, Molly, and a young daughter.

More info
Friday, 17 August 2007 05:24

Natural PFD Filler - Kapok

Kapok Seed Pod We recently found this fantastic article about Astral Buoyancy founder Philip Curry and the rediscovery of using kapok as filler for PFD's.

Kapok is a material that was used extensively during the second world war for a variety of different products including pfd's, car seats, and pillows.

What is kapok? It is a natural fibre found in the Indonesian rain forest and harvested from the seedpods of the ceiba tree. In its raw form, it looks like a feathery ball of cotton. Kapok is naturally buoyant, with a high resistance to water and decay.

There are also great benefits for the environment as it produces little waste, is easily recycles and growing it requires no chemicals.

With so many companies touting their "greenness" will they start using this material as well? Astral Buoyancy is convinced it is the way to go for sure. We will see.

Thanks to Playak for the link.
Thursday, 16 August 2007 17:26

Canoe Crash

Photo by: Shane Macomber/Vail Daily
Photo by: Shane Macomber/Vail Daily
There was a crash with 7 vehicles on the I-70 in Vail, CO today which left one person in critical condition. The other passengers suffered only minor injuries.

The canoe that was strapped to one of the cars didn't fair to well...

Article Link:


Mion FootwearStratham, N.H. - Miōn Footwear, the brand of performance footwear for environmentally-engaged amphibious athletes, is donating $950 to the Utah Rivers Council as a result of a successful turnout and a talented pool of kayakers at its first annual Speed Rolling Contest at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City.

The August 9 event turned out a crowd of curious spectators as it pitted kayakers against one another in rolling rivalry to determine who could pull off the greatest number in a 30-second time period. Miōn athlete and extreme kayaker, Tao Berman, helped to raise the intensity with his emceeing skills by providing commentary for the crowd.

The Speed Rolling Contest summoned a pool of eight top kayakers and burgeoning talents to compete for rolling glory and cash prizes. Paddlers used several strategies, including one no-paddle technique called a hand-roll, to gain the greatest number of rolls in each 30-second slot. After round one, the three best rolling contenders competed head-to-head to determine the top winners.

After the final round, the title of rolling champion went to Jared Seiler, from Gladwyne, Penn., who pulled off an amazing 22 rolls for a first place win and a $200 cash prize. Corey Volt (Beachburg, Ontario) and Todd Baker (Dillsburg, Penn.) tied for second place, each gaining 17 rolls and winning $75 cash.

The first round of paddlers produced 134 rolls from all paddlers while the final round concluded with a total of 56 rolls - for a grand total of 190 rolls accumulated. As promised, Miōn will be giving a $5 donation per roll, or $950, to the Utah Rivers Council, a grassroots advocacy group that helps to protect rivers and clean water sources in Utah.

Beyond providing an innovative new product, Miōn is committed to a path toward environmentally sustainable practices. While performance footwear manufacturing is not yet a "green" process, Miōn is making every effort to embed its environmental philosophy into every aspect of its business.

Miōn® Footwear will strive to operate as a carbon neutral brand beginning in 2007 and beyond. Miōn is committed to 100% renewable energy, its U.S. distribution center gets 60% of its power from on-site solar panels, it uses recycled materials in all of its packaging and collateral, and Miōn has created and launched the industry's first Ecometrics label designed to provide visibility into the environmental impact of its products.

Miōn's pellet-to-part injection molded EVA manufacturing process generates 90% less EVA waste than the traditional process of compression molding EVA. And Miōn is committed to developing a program that will allow it to use 100% of the EVA production waste in future products.

For additional information on Miōn® footwear, please visit For media inquiries, please contact Verde PR at 970.259.3555.


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