Back before everybody and their brother had small, waterproof GoPro cameras strapped to their head, film makers had to get creative and build their own camera rigging if they wanted to get that unique shot while on the water.

Bill Mason - Overhead Camera Rig

Here is a photo of filmmaker and instruction video pioneer, Bill Mason using a home-made rigging to get overhead footage for his 1977 film and companion book, Path of the Paddle.

I tried to find evidence that Bill used the rigging for overhead footage for his whitewater instructional segments but it doesn’t look like he did. Imagine how awesome it would be to see that monster going down the river back in the day.

Bill Mason - Head Camera

Instead of overhead shots for the whitewater elements in his films, Bill borrowed this head mounted camera which was originally designed for skydiving. Apparently the camera was really heavy due to the lead counter weight and could only shoot a maximum of 90 seconds before the film ran out. There is a story in Ken Bucks book, Bill Mason: Wilderness Artist: From Heart to Hand that talked about the time Bill nearly drowned the first time he jumped in the water with the camera. From then on they had to put two or three life jackets on him to provide enough flotation for the camera to stay above water.

Today, filming on the water is considerably easier with any of the small waterproof cameras that have flooded the market like GoPro, Contour or Drift over the past couple of years.

But even with the right camera, getting that unique shot angle can still take some thinking but thank goodness there are more commercial options now then before. One affordable option involves getting an adjustable pole from Prices range from $89-$249 and can fit most cameras on the market. Kayalu has a good reputation for their well-built equipment that holds up in both fresh and salt water.

If you are working with a higher budget and looking to get more dynamic footage, then a camera mounted cable built by Sea to Sky Cable Cam is the only way to go.

Sea to Sky Cable Cam

For approximately $36,000 you can get the equipment needed to shoot footage similar to below:

Looking at the demo reel you might recognize some of the footage. That’s because this equipment was designed by sea kayaker,BryanSmith of Eastern Horizons fame and Matt Maddaloni who has been a sponsored rock climber for the past 15 years.

Bill Mason Photo Credits: BIll Mason Productions

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Bill MasonThe Toronto Star announced today that the National Film Board has decided to release full versions of over 700 films online. That's such a massive collection of material. In the collection of released material, there are quite a few really good gems that were played in every public school in the 1970's 80's.

Old school canoeists will still remember Bill Mason's NFB and instruction films. In fact, he was one of the very first people ever to use video for teaching canoeing. His film, Path of the Paddle was ground breaking at the time. So far, the only paddling related film of his online is Waterwalker but you can still view a couple of his others including Blake, Cry of the Wild, and Death of a Legend.
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Bill Mason Productions Closing Shop

Thursday, 21 February 2008 06:59
Bill MasonIt's the end of an era for paddlers.

I just got an email from Becky Mason (daughter of famed canoeist, artist and Oscar nominated filmmaker, Bill Mason) saying they are starting the process of phasing out the company, Bill Mason Productions.

They will continue stocking and selling his DVD's through the website but the painting reproductions and books are discontinued and will be unavailable after the current inventory is sold through.

For more information on Bill Mason visit, or wikipedia.

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Bill Mason - Waterwalker

Thursday, 19 July 2007 19:04
Bill Mason, in the essential canoeing film Waterwalker depicts canoeing on the tributaries of Lake Superior, and wilderness living.

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Bill Mason - Waterwalker Part 2

Thursday, 19 July 2007 19:02
Filmmaking & Canoeing Near Lake Superior.

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