That’s A Serious Fire Ban! [Photography]

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 16:39

Two quick camping tips:

Fire Ban Sign

If you are planning on going camping this weekend only to discover there is a fire ban, remember that some areas are even worse so don’t get too upset. Also, don’t piss off your camping neighbour next door and they might do you a favour when the rangers come by.

Best camping neighbour ever.

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Take a look at this crazy photo (shot by Andy Barrow) that my friend, Liz Burnside found while searching through Flickr for Toronto kayaking photos.

She sent it my way and I did a double take when I realized that was a photo of me out paddling during a winter storm last January. I’m not sure where my friends Erik and Rob are but quite likely right in the middle of that mess. Click on the image above for zoomed in version of it.

For those who might be interested, I was testing out a new Greenland blade from Adanac Paddles that day which is part of a long-term gear review of which should be finished up shortly. Spoiler alert: the paddle worked out great.

This photo was taken here right up against the north wall of the Island airport in the Western Gap of Toronto.

Here is also a collection of photos that I took that cold day in January. My photos are not near as big looking as I was way too scared at the time to reach for my camera.

Top Photo credit: Andy Barrow

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I know times have been tough on banks and they have branching out their marking to niche audiences but I think this is taking it a step to far.

I’m not sure if I should be insulted or not that they decided to put pillars around the ATM. How much damage can kayaks really do? Come on!

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River Tubing 1950’s style [Photography]

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 12:16

Tubing Seattle in 1953.

These tubers from 1953 were all members of the Seattle Tubing Society.

Clearly they knew how to have a good time and look stylish even on the water. I love the guy with the top hat way in the back.

From the 3.2 minutes of research I did on this photo it's the Sammamish Slough floating down to Lake Washington in Seattle.

Professional photographer, Burt Glinn (who died in 2008) shot the photo along with several others here.

Photo credit:

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I saw this tweet and discovered the most lovely little critter Otter (sorry nature lovers) I have seen in a very long time. Makes me want to pick him up, give him a big squishy bear hug and take him home to play with.

Thanks to @BoxyButGood for letting me post it.

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Eddyline Brewery Logo

The Eddyline Restaurant and Brewing Company in Buena Vista, Colorado is looking the official photo for their new boater beer can. If you want to get in, post the low resolution photo to their Facebook wall and they will get in touch if they like it.

$200 REWARD!!! We need a perfect picture for our boater beer can! We need a picture of a crashing wave where the water is clear, the tongue leading into the wave is glassy and the top of wave is white and frothy! This needs to be a head on shot where the crashing foam pile takes up the top third of the picture. This pic will be the background of the Can'O'whitewater! In addition to the $200 we will let the winner help with the initial canning run, get two free cases of beer and will be famous to the Eddyline community! We would keep all rights to the picture. Post a low res version here, email us, or drop by and show us.

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Summer storm

Mark Tipple is a surf photographer who got bored of shooting empty waves so he decided to dive down and see what the waves look like from that perspective. The results are amazing.

Mark is also selling a very limited edition handmade book containing his best photos as part of The Underwater Project. Only 250 of these gems are going to be produced.

More info:

Photo Credit: Mark Tipple

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An Early SUP Prototype? [Vintage Photography]

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 11:29

Check out these boat shoes from this vintage photo. Looks like she is standing on top of two torpedoes. Sadly the date and location of the photo is unknown.

How did this boat design not take off in popularity?

Flckr Photo credit: ADiamondFellFromTheSkyAttribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic / CC BY-NC 2.0


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Nick Castro @ Baynes Channel in Victoria, BC.

Here is Nick Castro from playing in a tide race at Baynes Channel inVictoria BC a couple of days ago.

I wrote him for more information about the photo and here is what he said:

This was 2 days ago at Baynes Channel, Victoria BC, our local Tide race. It was a great day with mid size to big, good small swell coming after 36hrs of SE and about 4 kn of Ebb,

That is Ben Garrett dropping in behind. We surfed until dark and it was getting better and better but too messy for night surfing.

Photo credit: Nick Castro. Used with permission.

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 Battling the wind and rain at the Georgian Bay Storm Gathering. Photo credit: Virginia Marshall.

This is Dave Wells from Naturally Superior Adventures and Scott Ewart from 1000 Islands Kayak are getting a serious arm workout.

Virginia Marshall from Adventure Kayak magazine took this awesome photo at the 2011 Georgian Bay Storm Gathering last month. That’s 35 knot (70 km/h) winds and yes, the rain is coming in sideways.

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