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The Tsunami Rangers Greatest Hits [Video]

The Tsunami Rangers in rough water.

In memory of the death of Tsunami Rangers co-founder, Eric Soares here are a couple videos of the antics that made them legends in the paddling community.

Tsunami Rangers in Slow Motion

Extreme Sea Kayaking with the Tsunami Rangers

Photo Credit:

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Low Tide Turnagain Arm

If you are like me there is a very good chance that you struggle to explain to your students the basics of how tides work.

To help solve the mystery, the gang from Minute Physics produced a very cool video that explains the basics so simply that that my 10 year-old could understand.

Also, if you have also got an extra minute why don’t you learn why some rocks on the shoreline are round while other rocks are flat and perfect for skipping across the water.

Who knew that gravity affected our lives so much? I didn’t.

Flickr Photo Credit: Low Tide Turnagain Arm / Travis / CC BY-NC 2.0

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Monday, 16 January 2012 21:52

S*%t Kayakers Say

I would say 90% of this video are bang-on for whitewater paddlers so I want to know when somebody is going to put together one for sea kayakers?

Here is my working list so far but feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

“You can only roll 3 different ways?!”
“Pungo’s are not real kayaks.”
“I don’t care what colour my new drysuit and PFD are as long as they are black.”
“How do you like my beard?”
“The waves on the lake were at least 10 feet high.”
“Hold on, I left my Tilley hat in the car.”
To the store clerk, “Does this come in black?”

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Hands-on CPR Video

We all know First Aid or CPR instructional videos can me more boring than watching grass grow in the middle of winter. To help get the message out about the new hands-only CPR technique, the British Heart Foundation enlisted the help of Hollywood tough guy, Vinnie Jones to show us how to do it properly.

If you want more information on hands-only CPR, head over to the American Heart Association’s website, where you can also have the pleasure of watching an extremely boring instructional video in the tradition we have that we have all come to love (and hate).

Thanks to my buddy Mike for the video tip.

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Monday, 02 January 2012 22:04

Jackson Kayak Rolls out JKTV

Jackson Kayak TV

Jackson Kayak has launched JKTV. The premier episode is a pretty ambitious 25 minutes and covers a trip report from the Costa de Oro; Team Spotlight with Damon Bungard; Misadventures with Indiana James; Tech Tip- How to Backloop; Gear Review- GoPro Hero2 and the Shot of the Month.

You can subscribe via YouTube here.

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Capture of a whitewater kayaking video.

I could hardly finish watching this video of whitewater kayakers paddling a flood swollen river and I lost count after the 4th near drowning. The really scary thing is that the whole video seems to be shot on the same day with the same 4-5 guys.

Looks like they would do well to invest in some swift water rescue training to save them from being nominated for future a Darwin Award.

If you are at work, stop at the 5:30 mark as it gets NSFW at the end.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 22:31

Nature is Just Plain Awesome [Video]

Yep, awesome.

Wired recently posted an article as to the science behind massive flocks of starlings and why they can all instantly turn at the same time.

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Sunday, 27 November 2011 21:30

Build Your Own Papercraft Kayak

If you are like me you probably don’t have a lot of space in your living room to start building a 17 foot kayak.

To help solve that problem, Jöns Aschan from developed a papercraft kayak available for download. All you need to do is carefully cut out all the pieces with a pair of sharp scissors and tape it all together (just like the real thing). The price is €2.00 ($2.65US) and it works best if you can print it out on thick stock paper.

Looks like a great rainy afternoon project for sure.

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Wednesday, 09 November 2011 15:57

Learn to Paddle a Big Canoe in 10 Easy Minutes

Voyageur Canoe Tour

David Wooldridge from Ridge Wilderness Adventures in Maple Ridge, British Columbia assembled a really well done instructional video specifically for Big Canoe paddling.

Over the past couple of weeks I have seen a large uptick in the number of Big Canoe videos released. By large uptick, I really mean I went from seeing zero big canoe videos to 3 in the past month.

As you might know, Paddle Canada rolled out their Big Canoe instructional program this year and what’s happening is the newly certified instructors are developing teaching resources for everybody else to use.

Creative Commons Licence on Flickr by tlindenbaum.

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Voyageur Canoe at the Youth Leadership Conference

Paddling in a Voyageur canoe is a whole lot of fun. In fact one might even describe it as a boatload of fun (sorry about that). What makes them a great mode of transportation is that you can have a whole group of friends paddling along in a super stable craft. Only 3-4 people need to actually paddle to maintain speed leaving the other 15 people able to hang out and gossip.

But what happens if something went wrong and the boat tips over? Do you know what you would do?

Priscilla Haskin is a Paddle Canada canoe instructor from Edmonton, Alberta. She put together this quick video that explains the process of flipping; stabilizing and slowly getting everybody back in.

Watching the video, you quickly realize it’s a time consuming and slow process to empty that big monster of enough water to allow participants to slowly climb in. Also, reminded me that if you are going out with a group you would want to make sure you have a conversation with them before leaving describing the basic process so people don’t panic while in the water.

Voyageur Canoe Photo used under Creative Commons from North Cascades National Park.

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