That First Glide capture.

Here is the official trailer for the upcoming SUP film, That First Glide which explains the long history of Stand UP Paddling. Looks like a good film which should be out on DVD and limited theatrical release any time now.

More info: That First Glide [Via: Atlantic Paddle Surfing]

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Wilderness Systems Pungo

Roger Zahradnik from OshkoshWI didn’t have a good day back on June 28th when he was on his way out of town on a camping trip towing a trailer with two kayaks. Things were going well until one of the kayaks came loose, flew off the back of the trailer and landed in the ditch on the side of the road.

Roger quickly turned around but by the time he was able to get back to the boat it had already been stolen by vehicle also going in the same direction on the highway.

According to the Door County Advocate, police are looking for a white box truck seen in the area carrying a stolen green Wilderness Systems Pungo in the back.

Ahh the Pungo. That classic kayak that was so popular to make fun of via online video from a while back.

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The first canoe/power shovel hybrid ever.

These two videos show that with enough time your do-it-yourself neighbour can come up with anything. To be honest I have no idea how this is helpful to the river clean-up it was apparently built for but I will be honest with you, I would be the first to sign-up to sit in that chair and just spin around while everybody else does the work paddling.

According to the video description it also shoots water balloons though I’m disappointed that there is no video for that. The video below shows how well thought out it is including an articulated boom arm and a rope to tip out the garbage when the bucket is full.

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Canoe Canada Video Capture

My friend Graham was digging around through some off-site storage at the Paddle Canada world headquarters when he stumbled upon a box of ancient VHF tapes labelled Canoe Canada. For the young kids out there; VHS was a format long before DVD’s that was good for movie rentals or to record that episode of The Dukes of Hazard you missed because you had to work Friday nights at McDonalds. But I digress...

Not owning an actual VHS player; Graham shipped it off to the closest person he knew who had one which actually happened to be ½ way across the Canada in Alberta. The video was converted over to DVD and uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

Canoe Canada Video Capture

Canoe Canada was a ½ instruction ½ canoe promotion video that was funded by Paddle Canada and the Canadian National Search and Rescue Secretariat.

Not sure of the exact date but we figure that Canoe Canada was produced in around the very late 1980’s or early 1990’s so it’s a great opportunity to see some really classic camping and paddling gear. I haven’t seen so much plaid jackets and bushy beards since...well, yesterday since they are both back in style with the cool kids here in Toronto.

Here is the intro below to whet your appetite. When you are done, click through to the Paddle Canada site to see the last three parts. It’s some classic footage indeed.

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Wednesday, 08 June 2011 21:47

Take the Jackson Kayak Factory Tour

Join the Musky Brothers as they take a tour of the Jackson Kayak Factory. It’s a pretty solid look at how they are assembled and inspected before going out the door.

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Bryan Smith on Adventure Vision

If you have ever thought of getting into the world of adventure film production, paddler and film guy extraordinaire, Bryan Smith is highlighted on the latest National Geographic webTV episode of Fringe Elements.

The latest episode called Adventure Vision gives some background of how Bryan got into film production as well as a sliver of insight into how some of those amazing adventure films are put together. If you don't have time to watch the video below the short version is that it's a really huge pile of work to get the shots looking right.

The gear nerd in me was all excited to see that Bryan is now shooting with RED cameras. Not the ultra high-end ($58,000) handheld RED EPIC cameras that Peter Jackson is using to shoot the Hobbit but it’s still pretty cool none-the-less.

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SUP Stroke Analysis

If you are new to SUP or an expert looking to get more performance from your paddling you need to watch this very technical breakdown of the stroke used during Stand Up Paddling. It’s developed by Jim Terrell, the creator of QuickBlade Paddles.

The SUP Instructors out there, watch closely when Jim breaks down each of the paddlers stroke pointing out some of the key elements to watch for along with the common mistakes that beginning SUP ‘ers often make.

The video is listed after the jump.

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I love the Aurora Borealis. I have very fond memories of the years of sitting out late at night on the rocks at the water’s edge during camping trips watching them in wonder.

I stumbled upon this absolute gem and couldn’t resist posting. It’s was shot by Terje Sorgjerd in and around Kirkenes and Pas National Park on the Norway-Russia border. Of course it was a lot warmer when I saw them last as this was shot at -25 Celsius.

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Nick Castro was wondering why many sea kayakers don’t wear helmets when playing or surfing in rough water so he decided to post a video on the topic. This half-public-service-announcement/half-ad-for-WRSI Helmets is jammed packed with short clips of paddlers almost getting bashed in the head on rocks or other boats. It’s all footage Nick has shot since September which makes me more think that they are just crazy bad paddlers. I kid! I kid.

Anyways, I totally agree with Nick. If you are in lumpy water or on waves you should be wearing a helmet. Here is a link to a commentary I wrote on the issue way, way back in 2006 when I was just getting started around here.

If you are one of those who don’t like to wear a helmet because it looks goofy then I posted a solution to your problem back in 2008. Get your dignity back by wearing a classy helmet cover like this bad boy below.


The video is embeded below:

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From the YouTube description:
We saw this wave come ashore in Emeryville today. Remember it had to go through the Golden Gate first so they must have had a larger wave on the unprotected beach.

Japan needs you. The Huffington Post has an excellent article with a huge pile of resources on how you can help.

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