Wednesday, 01 September 2010 14:41

Cool Leave No Trace Promotional Video

I just love this short promotional video for the non-profit organization, Leave No Trace.

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Thursday, 29 July 2010 22:50

Sea Kayak Reverse Endo [Video]

No comment needed on its awesomeness.

Thanks Gnarlydog!

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According to this video put together by famed paddler, Paul Mason, there is no reason in the world why you should paddle anything but a Werner Paddle.

Between you and me, I kinda believe him….

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Check out this amazing big water sea kayak video that was just posted to the old YouTube by MrSpikekayak. He is the lead designer for Necky Kayaks, Ocean Kayak and Old Town Canoe/Kayak and runs the always interesting blog, Kayak Noise.

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Doug AldersonAuthor, Doug Alderson recently uploaded two really cool videos which are posted below. The first one is a quick lesson on the super practical Highwayman's Hitch knot.  The Highwayman's Hitch is a fantastic quick release knot with a whole pile of uses. The best one being that you can use it to make a quick tow line without requiring clips or buckles. With a little practice a basic piece of floating line can be set up to provide a secure towline that can quickly be released from both ends.
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Friend of the site, Tony Palmer of Undercurrents in Calgary sent me a really cool video from a piece on science show, Daily Planet.

It shows the process of making artificial rivers out of natural rivers and highlights the river course on the Kananaskis River in Alberta.
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Wednesday, 24 September 2008 00:21

Ocean Swells: The Storm Season is Upon Us!

Rough Seas. Photo Credit: karenwithak

Here in Ontario (as well as many other parts of the world), it is the beginning of the storm season. It's the time of the year that storms are magnified due to the cooler air and the warmer water below it. That differential in temperatures allows a lot more moisture and energy to be absorbed into the low pressure systems passing over head.

For paddlers who are looking for bumpy conditions, it's the time to get out paddling.
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Everybody does it but ask anybody who has gone camping in a Provincial or State Park and they will tell you that nobody knows how to do it right. It's always a mess and if you haven't had the "pleasure" of stumbling upon the toilet paper surprise, then you haven't lived!

If your life goal is to start to poo like a pro, now is your chance.

Spoiler Alert! For those who watch the entire video, you are rewarded with a visual treat that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Friday, 05 September 2008 21:10

Sea Kayaking Ultimate Guide Trailer


Sunday, 10 June 2007 18:50

Using video in your Coaching

Preparing to use video in coaching.
Preparing to use video in coaching.

Video is a flexible and powerful tool for the coach, its level of use is dictated by the coaches ability with the camera and confidence in it's application as part of the normal coaching process. The strength of video lies in it's ability to capture movement and speed rather than fixed shots. Many coaches are, needlessly, nervous because of the technology involved and it's application. The video should be built into normal coaching activity and viewed as additional to coaching activity.

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