SUP Stroke Analysis

If you are new to SUP or an expert looking to get more performance from your paddling you need to watch this very technical breakdown of the stroke used during Stand Up Paddling. It’s developed by Jim Terrell, the creator of QuickBlade Paddles.

The SUP Instructors out there, watch closely when Jim breaks down each of the paddlers stroke pointing out some of the key elements to watch for along with the common mistakes that beginning SUP ‘ers often make.

The video is listed after the jump.

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I love the Aurora Borealis. I have very fond memories of the years of sitting out late at night on the rocks at the water’s edge during camping trips watching them in wonder.

I stumbled upon this absolute gem and couldn’t resist posting. It’s was shot by Terje Sorgjerd in and around Kirkenes and Pas National Park on the Norway-Russia border. Of course it was a lot warmer when I saw them last as this was shot at -25 Celsius.

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Nick Castro was wondering why many sea kayakers don’t wear helmets when playing or surfing in rough water so he decided to post a video on the topic. This half-public-service-announcement/half-ad-for-WRSI Helmets is jammed packed with short clips of paddlers almost getting bashed in the head on rocks or other boats. It’s all footage Nick has shot since September which makes me more think that they are just crazy bad paddlers. I kid! I kid.

Anyways, I totally agree with Nick. If you are in lumpy water or on waves you should be wearing a helmet. Here is a link to a commentary I wrote on the issue way, way back in 2006 when I was just getting started around here.

If you are one of those who don’t like to wear a helmet because it looks goofy then I posted a solution to your problem back in 2008. Get your dignity back by wearing a classy helmet cover like this bad boy below.


The video is embeded below:

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From the YouTube description:
We saw this wave come ashore in Emeryville today. Remember it had to go through the Golden Gate first so they must have had a larger wave on the unprotected beach.

Japan needs you. The Huffington Post has an excellent article with a huge pile of resources on how you can help.

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Alex Matthews sent me a link to his latest video about a recent trip to play to Surge Narrows near Quadra Island, BC.

For those who have never been to Surge Narrows (including myself) it is a series of tidal rapids that can run in speed of up to 13 knots. This creates large standing waves that are perfect for surfing and large whirlpool which are perfect for trying to pull you under (generally not good).

If you are interested in visiting the area and looking for a place to stay, my suggestion is to start with Discovery Islands Lodge. They are located just a quick 20 minute paddle from the rapids and is the go-to place to spend the night.

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The video is embedded below:

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Capture: Thank the Laird

Here is a sweet three minute SUP surfing film for your Friday afternoon. About 1 minute into the film it flips over to footage shoot with the camera strapped to the blade of the SUP paddle. It makes for a very interesting and unique perspective.

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How to pack a kayak - Paul Kuthe

Kokatat Paddlesports has just posted a new video hosted by professional sea kayak instructor, Paul Kuthe.

Packing a Sea Kayak walks you through the fine points with tips and tricks to get more stuff jammed in there.

The Tiderace Xcite sea kayak is one good looking boat. Speaking of Tiderace friend of the site and fellow nerd, Keith Wikle over at just announced that he has joining team Tiderace. Good work son! Good work.

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Thursday, 10 February 2011 22:41

Whitewater Film Trailer: Halo Effect

Check out the trailer for the latest film by Steve Fisher that is about to come out. Halo Effect has got all the proper stuff for the makings of a fantastic film including amazing cinematography, big water and massive sounding symphony soundtrack.

I believe the bar has been raised.

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Stick it in the middle film.

This is a great short piece of extreme whitewater footage.

From the video description: Astral paddler David Fusilli reminds us that when in doubt you should always roll over and stick it in the middle.

It was shot somewhere in Chile in 2010.

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While I don't normally post stuff promoting helicopter fishing, you need to check out this amazing promotional video for Nimmo Bay Helicopter Fishing & Wilderness Adventures.

While you are watching the video of the helicopter flying over the mountain peaks and running along the river valleys, click and drag your mouse over the video to pan the camera around. Again, awesome.

It's clear that there are huge costs to developing a video like this but at $124,110 for exclusive use of the resort for you and 17 other friends, it's still within their advertising budget...

PS - Sorry in advance for the bad cover version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. It's the Canadian Tenors.

The video is below:

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