Check out this super dramatic footage of two kayakers in a double kayak getting lifted up by a whale. You got to see it to believe it.

According to the Youtube title this took place near Puerto Madryn, Argentina.

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Check out this crazy footage from the Discovery television show, North America which features footage of two sea kayakers who got the the thrill of their life when several Humpback whales broke the surface about 20 feet away to feed (not on the paddlers luckily). All this footage is shot somewhere in Alaska.

I can confidently say that I would freak out in this situation. How do I know you ask? I get scared startled seeing a floating stick on the water and think it's a giant snake going for my throat.

Click through for the video below:

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The Dodeca 2360 Camera HeadImmersive Media has recently unveiled some pretty cool camera technology.

They developed a camera that has 11 lenses and sensors to record seamless video 360 degrees in any direction including up and down.

You might be thinking, "Big deal, I saw the 360 degree presentation at Disney World back in '86." Well, yes but the secret is in the software later.

Because the camera shots footage in every single direction; during playback, it allows you to change the angle of the camera or zoom in at anytime giving you complete control of what you are watching.

The system isn't for the faint of heart as pricing ranges from $45,000 to $100,000.

Enough talk, take a look at this fantastic demo over on their website. Let's go whale watching or surfing. While the video is playing, you are able to control the direction of the camera by clicking and draging your mouse across the video.

For the geeks out there, yes, it is the same system that Google used to develop their Street View layer in Google maps.

Now imagine what This is the Sea 4 would look like with this system
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